Dr Giuseppe Marinaci graduated as Doctor in Dental Surgery in 2002 from the University of Siena, Italy and spent his first years working in various units including Oral Surgery, Special Care Dentistry, and Restorative department. He pursued a Master In Special Care Dentistry in 2003 at the University of Valencia , Spain , that helped him develop great patience and very gentle manners as a natural approach to all his patients and specially anxious patients.He is a committed and dedicated dentist ,extremely keen on dentistry and proud to offer a high quality treatments to patients.In 2007, he completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry at the University of Florence , Italy and in 2010 he gained his Master Degree in Oral Implantology from the University of Paris Descartes.He has been a student of Dr Bobbie Beckman,a global pioneer of the Metal Free Dentistry,world expert in health problems linked to mercury fillings , and of Dr Ulrich Volz ,  the greatest expert in zirconia dental implants in the world.Dr Marinaci practices as a general dentist with a special interest in Oral Surgery , Metal Free Dentistry and Implant Dentistry.He is clinical tutor at the University of Paris Descartes for the International Master In Oral Implantology. He speaks English,Italian and Spanish.

Dr Paola Aguilar after studiyng dentistry in Colombia, at El Bosque University of Bogotà from 1993 to 1998 , gained a Master Degree in Special Care Dentistry and a Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital Dentistry at the University of Valencia ,Spain .In the following years she researched and was co-author of a book about Special Needs Dental Patients at the same University.In 2007 she pursued a Diploma in Clinical Endodontics at the University of Florence and spent many years working in private dental practices in Italy and as principal dentist at her own practice in Milan.Dr Aguilar is extremely gentle and expert with anxious patients.She works as a general dentist with a special interest in Endodontics,Cosmetics and Paediatric Dentistry .Dr Aguilar speaks English,Italian and Spanish.

Dr Jesus Orozco completed his degree in Dental Surgery 20 years ago and gained his second qualification as a Dentist at European University of Madrid in 2013.In 1998 he gained a Diploma in Endodontics. In 2011 began training in Implantology with his first degree completed in Spain and now is finishing a Cambridge Implantology course .As with all the members of the team, Dr Orozco is a warm and empathic dentist who takes pride in taking much care of even the most anxious of patients.He is a general dentist with special interest in Orthodontics and Implantology.